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People stories

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RGI People

I decided to join RGI because I was certain that it would give me many opportunities to grow, learn and achieve my goals.

Alessandra Ciancio

Strategic Marketing Specialist

I chose RGI because it is an international company where I can explore new horizons by capitalising on my experience in insurance, expand my professional network and participate in large-scale projects, while working in a friendly environment with experienced people.

Amina Lachheb

Business Analyst

You can learn so much here, you can grow professionally, there is really a family atmosphere, so it is really a joy to be part of this team!

Asma Gannouni

Product Owner

I like working on products because it makes me feel part of a creative process through which something is produced and is used by hundreds of people, either directly or indirectly.

Sara Bescapè

Business Analyst

I like working at Unimatica-RGI because we deal with the digitalisation of processes, which is a very useful thing for companies and for the environment.

Saverio Bui

Sales Account Specialist

I like my job at RGI because it is dynamic and gives me the opportunity to get to know new people and new contexts.

Luisa Rosso

Presales Product Consulting Specialist

At RGI I’ve found myself working with young and dynamic people. It motivates me and gives me a lot of energy and strength and it also pushes me forward in order to achieve my goals.

Elhem Baccouche

Business Analyst

With RGI there was a mutual feeling right from the start because I found here an inspiring, dynamic, innovative and growth-friendly environment, with established values as well.

Walter Lopolito

Business Analyst

Dance and theatre embody values that I see a lot in RGI, such as discipline, attention to others and perseverance: I think it is essential to put passion into what you do and to listen in order to communicate and interact with others in the best possible way.

Stefania De Caro

Presales Product Consulting Specialist

Our role as Business Developers is halfway between sales and marketing and this allows us to take advantage of many things we learnt during our studies and to cultivate them in a much more practical environment, as well as to put into practice our professional and human skills while interacting with different profiles.”

Carlos Napa | Vito Parisi

Business Developers

When facing a new journey, you need to have self-control, concentration and reactivity to unexpected circumstances, which are concepts that I try to apply even while working at RGI, which I still find very stimulating after 13 years.

Giovanni Gianelli

Technical Team Leader

Having joined the company at the age of 21, I’ve learnt and grown a lot, also broadening my IT skills.

Simona Grandi

Help Desk Specialist at Unimatica-RGI

I often associate the values of biathlon with those of RGI: you need a lot of energy, physical and mental strength, endurance and absolute concentration. Since everything can change, you have to give it your all until the very last moment. But then when you cross the finish line it's a surprising, fantastic experience!

Aldo Sesto

Sales Marketing Specialist

What I like about Unimatica-RGI is the dynamism and efficiency of my job

Eleonora Luzi

Archival Preservation Manager

The expansion towards Italy and France and getting new colleagues from all over Europe is amazing and whenever I am at the office in Berlin I love to hear all the new languages that are now being spoken to promote our products to new markets.

Sebastian Hanss

Business Development Associate

Unimatica-RGI has opened a 360-degree world to me because it has helped me grow not only as a professional but also as a person.

Vitas Berselli

Software Tester

I like RGI because it’s a dynamic and fast-growing company, also at an international level, but with consolidated values.

Daniele Biglia

IT Project Manager

The key is to be in love with what you do and not think of it as a duty, but also to dare and try.

Ambra Roffino

Design & Usability Specialist

At RGI I’ve discovered the people within the company, who are really authentic and tenacious

Alexandru Secioreanu

IT System Infrastructure Department

Since joining RGI Group, I have been given the opportunity to work with teams of colleagues from the other European companies and this is a wonderful experience for me and it’s really teaching me a lot.

Carla Rimondi

Project Manager | Unimatica-RGI

At RGI I found myself working with young and enthusiastic people from different countries in the world. We are working as one team with a lot of collaboration.

Hassen Guibene

Product Owner

At RGI I mainly do performance tests for RGI native applications. This position has allowed me to have an all-round perspective on RGI applications.

Daniel Tealdo

Test Developer

What I like the most about this job is the fact that I can be part of the development and creation of an insurance product right from the first meetings with the client, and at the same time I can interact with our developers so that I can expand my computer skills and grow professionally.

Letizia Galliana

Business Analyst

RGI’s strengths are its technology and innovation and especially its people, who represent our company’s immeasurable value

Paolo Esposito

Project and Application Manager at RGI

Novum-RGI is just the right mix of standard project life enhanced by flexibility and excellent teamwork

Kai-Michael Ramming

Consultant, Business Architect, and Project Manager at NOVUM-RGI

There was immediately mutual esteem with RGI. I feel perfectly in tune with the corporate ideals.

Vittoria Bevivino

Business Analyst

Here I can express how I want to develop, and I get the support I need for that

Carmen Brosig


Here I found training and career, a multi-faced professional path in an international environment with many chances to grow

Valentina Paolantonio

Product Analyst

I immediately started to work in an agile way with remote interviews, onboarding phase and initial trainings

Serena Maltagliati

Business Analyst Junior

everyone who is passionated, wants to become an expert in a field and love flexibility at work is more than welcome in the team


Head of Demand Generation @ FLEXPERTO

That’s what I like, having teams that evolve and help each other in a good atmosphere

Maxime Berthalon

IT Operations Manager at KAPIA-RGI

I joined RGI with an academic background that is not as common, but the Teamwork and the openness of RGI People helped me to successfully overcome the early phases of my onboarding

Enrico Traversa

Business Analyst

One of our core values, sustainability, means also to use our knowledge and passion for technology to support our communities.

Iskander Belhaj Nasr

Analyst Developer

I believe it is very important for my professional growth to mix academic study at Politecnico di Torino and training at RGI

Riccardo Artuffo

Junior Business Analyst

RGI is a place where I could grow up and have the opportuity to learn a completely new career, more related to my university background

Alessia Naretto

Junior Functional Analyst

RGI is a solid reality where I will have the opportunity to learn a lot and grow personally

Alberto Cavallarin

Java Developer

We help our clients to foster and embrace innovation, for example working together in Agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban

Paola Cappon

PO Intermediaries Delivery Manager

We think different and we work in an Agile way

Yuri Blanc

R&D full stack Developer

In RGI we have to work hard, we can have fun and together we make the difference.

Alessio Stumbo

Corporate Tools Support

You need to break up the monotony to inspire creativity, foster teamwork, and build trusting relationships

Giulia Molinaro

Insurance product configuration specialist