PASS Broker Evolution

PASS Broker Evolution is the web management system, designed to meet all the operational needs of insurance intermediaries.


  • Thanks to the use of searching filters and a highly configurable and customizable platform, daily operations are simplified by providing to the intermediary the opportunity to stand-out the customer centricity in the insurance business.

    PASS Broker Evolution allows the administration of the portfolio at 360 ° enabling the user to manage the Party, Policies, Claims and Technical Accounting Transactions; guaranteeing:

    • Single view of the customer portfolio
    • The compliance with current regulations
    • The integration with all digital evolution
    • The easy collaboration between all the players
  • Banking reconciliation:
    The component allows automatic reconciliation of collections through the association of the Technical Accounting Transaction tracked in PASS Broker Evolution with the bank statement account, with notification and accurate reporting of the payments, reconciled or not.

    Bank credit management, tenders and related compensation limits

    Fleets management linked to a single policy. It allows to manage the inclusion and exclusion of applications during the policy validity.

    The component allows to generate customer invoices to print the progressive document and it is integrated with the general accounting program PASS CoGe. The invoicing components include the automatic generation of invoice – issued on the policy for the creation of pro-forma invoices.




    Quick customer overview and easy data management


    Supports the intermediary digitization process through Paperless mode


    Progressive activation of the most suited modules depending on the needs of the intermediary


    Multi-language management, Multi-Company, Multi-mandate, Multi-Currency and Multi-level commercial structure management


    Autonomous and personalized creation and management (logos, contents, ...) of printout templates necessary for the communication management


    Possibility of integration with third-party systems


    PASS CoGe is the general accounting solution that allows the import of technical-insurance accounting transaction tracked on PASS Broker Evolution.

    Main features:

    • Multi-level accounting chart configuration
    • Management of cost centers, Accounting Diary, Withholdings
    • Financial drafting
    • Stamped prints
    • Automatic Accounting Diary recordings import generated in PASS Broker Evolution
  • PASS ePaper

    A suite of products that allows the management of insurance processes in digital mode, facilitating the innovation corporate process renewal by enabling operations in Paperless mode.

    The suite includes the features of:

    • Document storage
    • Legally compliant document storage
    • Digital signature
    • TOKEN for digital signature
  • PASS Analytics

    The Business Intelligence solution for business performance analysis through dynamic reports and highly sophisticated statistical analysis  dedicated to the world of Intermediaries.

    Main reports available to the user:

    • Analysis of the active portfolio
    • Analysis of the claims-premium ratio
    • Monitoring of cost centers
    • Monitoring of the achievement of budget and goals
    • Analysis policies details
  • PASS WebArea

    A tool that enables Customers and Producers to check their policy and claim portfolio, from any device, even mobile.

    Main features:

    • Reporting and monitoring claims status
    • Expiring technical accounting transactions display
    • Online payment by credit cards, prepaid and rechargeable through a secure platform
    • Digital Signature on documents with the possibility of archiving

    PASS SalesBox is the solution that allows the management of the insurance process at 360 °, from quotation to Policy Issuing up to post-sales payment management, in a multichannel perspective, thus offering insurance coverage tailored to the customer needs. Thanks to custom Multi-Device Front End, the software allows the B2B and B2C operations management.

  • CRM

    The optimal tool for the complete management of sales processes, Leads management, business opportunities and marketing campaigns management.

    Main features:

    • Report and analysis to achieve sales forecasts, adequate marketing campaigns and budget goals
    • Management of campaign returns
    • Management and tracking of customer / prospect contacts
    • Shared and integrated agenda