PASS_Insurance is the Policy Administration System for the end-to-end management of the activities of Life, Non-Life and Claims branches with the aim of providing complete, innovative solutions to support insurance companies in the digital transformation process.

  • Core Insurance System

    PASS_Insurance Core is a modular multi-company, multi-country, multi-lingual and multi-currency suite for the integrated management of Life, Non-Life and Claims branches.


    Digital Front-End

    PASS_Insurance Digital is both the digital component of the digital Front End of PASS_Insurance that provides the accessibility of insurance functions from any channel and any device and it also encompasses all the insurance APPs related to the the digital interaction of insurers with their policyholders and partners.



The strong configurability of the software and architecture means that the system can be tailored to the organisational requirements of the various insurance companies, which can adopt innovative change models.

Technology is a key ally in the conduct of business and in its daily operations. The features of the RGI PASS suite allow insurers to gain an advantage not only in terms of business, but also through improved relations between companies and their customers.


    PASS_Insurance Core is the Policy Administration System consisting of a number of stand-alone modules divided by business line:

    • Non-life (Motor and Damages Classes)
    • Special Classes (transport, bonds and hail)
    • Life
    • Claims

    The main module of PASS_Insurance Core is PASS_Products, the product configurator and tariff engine.

    The Cross modules are common to the various business lines and are dedicated to the management of the database, accounting, reinsurance, printed matter, statistical reports and business analysis.


    PASS_Insurance Digital is the digital Front End component which enables insurers to work more simply in a shared environment, by establishing an omnichannel distribution model, with a 360-degree view of the customer, ensuring satisfaction and a positive customer experience, with the same level of service through various distribution channels.

    PASS_Insurance Digital comprises:

    • an omnichannel, omnidevice front end
    • a Business Process Management solution
    • a decoupling layer
    • a paperless solution

    This encompasses all the APPs relating to the insurance business for the digital interaction of insurers with their policyholders and partners.

    The APPs are developed and customised for individual insurers and respond to their needs for interaction with the end customer and partners.

    Integration with PASS_Insurance enables the insurer to update its database for business analysis purposes, exploiting the potential for increasing contact points which can lead to insurance business opportunities or the option to provide customised services in response to customer needs.